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Need help ? Don’t stay alone !

If you have any questions or concerns about the psychological difficulties described on this site, we encourage you to contact a health professional, such as a general practitioner, a paediatrician, a nurse or a school psychologist.

These professionals will be able to advise you and, if necessary, refer you to one of the specialised centres for the detection of at risk mental states. Afterwards, and if necessary, you will be directed to the most suitable support.

Trouver de l’aide

It is important to find the right person to talk to and that will be able to help you.
A doctor can refer you to one of the following specialised centres:

Canton of Vaud (Lausanne)

ERA platform (under 18 years old) : +41 21 314 44 35

TIPP program (from 18 years old) : +41 21 314 00 50

Canton of Geneva (Geneva)

JADE program (from 18 years old) : +41 22 305 44 89

SPEA service/Malatavie (under 18 years old) : +41 22 372 48 57

Office médico-pédagogique (under 18 years old) : +41 22 388 67 00

Canton of Basel (Basel city)

BEATS: +41 61 325 51 00

In case of emergency

Helpline : 147

Ambulance : 144

Other resources

There are several websites that provide information on youth mental health:

If you don’t have a doctor to contact, these places offer medical consultations for young people:

Canton of Vaud :

DISA division (12-20 years old)

UniSanté (from 18 years old)

Canton of Geneva :

Unité Santé Jeunes (12-25 years old)

Service de médecine de premier recours (from 18 years old)

Other cantons: consult the santé directory.

Specialised Centres

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