Resources for professionals

We offer various resources to facilitate the detection and management of young people with an at-risk mental state.

These resources are aimed at all professionals in contact with young people, whether they specialise in mental health or in educational and social support.

In particular, we make available scientific articles and clinical tools.  We also offer specialised training (under development). 


On PsyYoung LEARNING we offer professionals an online space dedicated to training and clinical resources. 

Specialised centres

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The following journal articles offer a reflection on the challenges of early detection and intervention in the field of at-risk mental states.

Andreou, C., Bailey, B., & Borgwardt, S. (2019, February)
Troubles psychotiques: dépistage et intervention précoces.

In Forum médical suisse (Vol. 19, No. 0708, pp. 117-123).
EMH Media

Krebs, M. (2015)
Chapitre 6. État mental à risque et symptômes de base : des notions prospectives.

In M. Krebs, Signes précoces de schizophrénie: Des prodromes à la notion de prévention (pp. 87-108).
Paris: Dunod.

Solida, A., & Conus, P. (2012)
Du traitement précoce des sujets à risque aux risques du traitement précoce.

Rev Med Suisse, 8, 1781-1784.